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Droid 3

Disclaimer: If you end up breaking your phone doing anything that you might have seen or heard about here sorry but I take no responsibility all of the information here is provided just for knowledge.

Well it’s been a little over a week now that I have had the Droid 3 and so far I am more than happy with it. It is an amazing phone and personally I can’t find anything wrong with it that won’t be fixed in a few months with an update or root. Speaking of root there is one hell of a good quest going on for it and as of right now I personally am floating between Phandroid boards, Droid Forum boards, and XDA looking at everything I can to try and help/find a possible way to root. If any Devs out there happen upon this feel free to message me if you have an idea and need someone to try it out. I figure since I am taking the time to babble on this much with everything I might as well make a condensed list off all the different things that I have tried and also found out on the phone so far.

1. Gingerbreak Does Not work
2. Super One Click 1.9.1 Does Not work
3. GingerSnap does not provide SU privileges but sometimes it does complete and say root has been achieved
4. There are two bloatware that can be uninstalled they are “Let’s Golf 2” and “Nova” this will reinstall after a factory reset. I can’t remember where but on one of the boards was the link to the file that showed how it would check for them and reinstall them

Now for all the button mashing goodness to access different menus and options

While powering up:
5. Hold X & the power button = Recovery
6. Holding Volume up, volume down, & Power = Boot mode Selection Menu (0A.33)
Vol up selects, vol down scrolls
Available boot modes:
*Normal Powerup
*AP Fastboot
*BF SBF Flash
*BP only
*AP BP USB bypass
*BP Tools
7.Holding the up arrow & power =
Fastboot Flash mode
*Battery OK
*OK to program
*Connect USB
*Data Cable
8.Holding Volume Down & power = AP Fastboot
9.Holding the OK button & power =
Safe mode: if you open the keyboard and hold the OK button when turning on the device. Keep holding the OK button until the system is almost done booting up, and the device will vibrate it will also have “Safe Mode” in the lower left of the screen.
10. Holding Right navigation arrow (on keyboard) & powering on = RP SBF Flash Mode.
11. Up Navigation Arrow & powering on = RP Fastboot Flash Mode
12. M & powering on = Same menu as VOLUME UP and DOWN.
13. B & powering on = Vendor flash mode.
14. F & Powering on = Fastboot flash mode.

This is what I have collected or found out myself so far. I know I have most likely learned some of this from some of the other people on the forums but honestly I can’t remember who so if any of this stuff is yours thank you for helping work on this with everyone and let me know if you want your name on here anywhere. Also if you come across anything that you would like to see included or think should be included in this rambling list let me know and I will add it. I will most likely be updating this every few days as I continue to play and browse the forums.

Today I was browsing the forums and as pretty much anyone that is looking around knows there was a leaked Chinese SBF. (DO NOT FLASH IT WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE) here is another link to download it at:
Leaked SBF

In case anyone wants to look around in the files off of the D3 here is everything that I could pull off while I was in a medicated semi-comma so there might be a few missing here and there but its what I have at the moment:

I pulled the boot animation file out off of the Droid 3 just to get a look at it since I was working on boot animations for the OG Droid and I was surprised to find that with the D3 it actually comes with instructions in the DESC file so here they are:

# 540 wide, 960 tall 15 frames per second
540 960 15
# p means we’re defining a part
# first number is repeat count, 0 means infinite
# second number is delay in frames before performing the next part
# so if you are playing 15 frames a second 15 would be… one second
# string defines the directory to load files from
# files will be loaded in order but names don’t matter
# s defines a sound for a part
# sounds will be loaded from /system/media
# oggs with loop points will loop automatically
# only one sound will play at a time
# timing is driven by the part, not the sounds
# if you want no sound, leave blank
# droid
p 1 7 01_droid
s Droid.ogg
# eye
p 1 0 02_eye
# eyeloop
p 0 0 03_eyeloop

Well I have been playing around a little more with the phone and since there is so much talk going on right now about the possibility of finding an exploit using the /preinstall I pulled the script for it from /system/bin/

export PATH=/system/bin:$PATH
umask 003
for file in `ls $PRELOAD_APP_DIR`; do
echo “$file: comparing $PRELOAD_HASH_DIR/$file.md5 and $DATA_HASH_DIR/$file.md5”
echo “$file: comparing $PRELOAD_HASH_DIR/$file.md5 and $DATA_HASH_DIR/$file.md5” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
newMD5=`cat $PRELOAD_HASH_DIR/$file.md5`
oldMD5=`cat $DATA_HASH_DIR/$file.md5`
if [ “$newMD5” != “$oldMD5” ]; then
isInstalled=`pm path $file`
if [ -n “$isInstalled” -o ! -e “$DATA_HASH_DIR/$file.md5” ]; then
pm install -r $PRELOAD_APP_DIR/$file
if [ $ret -ne 0 ]; then
echo “$file: install failed, error: $ret”
echo “$file: install failed, error: $ret” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
echo “$file: install successful, copying $file.md5 to $DATA_HASH_DIR”
echo “$file: install successful, copying $file.md5 to $DATA_HASH_DIR” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
echo “$file: user has uninstalled, dont reinstall. copying $file.md5 to $DATA_HASH_DIR”
echo “$file: user has uninstalled, dont reinstall. copying $file.md5 to $DATA_HASH_DIR” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
echo “$file: install skipped, file unchanged”
echo “$file: install skipped, file unchanged” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
echo “preinstall finished, setting $PRELOAD_DONE_PROP to 1”
echo “preinstall finished, setting $PRELOAD_DONE_PROP to 1” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
readback=`getprop $PRELOAD_DONE_PROP`
while [ “$readback” != “1” -a $retries -gt 0 ]
echo ” property readback failed! expected 1, got $readback. retries left $retries…”
echo ” property readback failed! expected 1, got $readback. retries left $retries…” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
sleep 2
readback=`getprop $PRELOAD_DONE_PROP`
echo “preinstall exiting…”
echo “preinstall exiting…” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE


17 Day Diet

Well after getting out of the Marine Corps I might have gained a little weight (40 pounds or so) so it finally became time to start a diet and try and get myself back in shape to some extent now that I am in the normal world. I decided to try out the 17 day diet with some help from my wife and am going to be updating as time goes on with my daily weights (done in the morning) and my overall happiness or anger with the program.

I am currently only on day 3 so not a whole lot has been going on other than being hungry and a little grumpy. I might even try and quit smoking while I am doing this but we will see.

Day 1 weight: 220.4
Day 2 weight: 219.2
Day 3 weight: 218.2
Day 4 weight: 214.6 (Cheated a little bit today since we went to the beach and I ended up having subway)
Day 5 weight: 215.2 (Apparently my cheating yesterday hurt me a little bit. On a gross side note I have yet to go #2 since starting this diet)
Day 6 weight: 214.8
Day 7 weight: 214.6
Day 8 weight: 215.8 (Cheated and had pizza the night before)
Day 9 weight: 212.8

Android is Amazing

If you have read any of the other Android related posts I have made you would know that I have a Motorola Droid and have been loving it since I got it and was super excited about the FROYO Android 2.2 update when it came out. Well in current technology news in my world I finally caved and rooted my phone so I can run different kernals to try and make my phone as happy as possible and run as fast as possible. At least that is how today started I have spent the better part of the last 12 hours playing with my phone the rooting process I utilized took me less than 30 minutes I would thank all of the people that were involved in the posts I used but there were just way to many so I am going to say thank you to Androidforums for all the help everyone there is awesome. They all do an outstanding job of writing up walk-throughs and explaining the process that you are trying to go through. After I was done with the actual rooting I started just playing with little things using the original FROYO it worked extremely well for me when I was running a “chevyno1” 1.0Ghz LV kernal the phone was considerably more responsive and extremely fun to use and play with. This quickly led me to starting to look in the marketplace for things to help me play with and customize my phone even more which led me to trying out some different boot screen animations which quickly led me to running a different ROM I also went with “chevyno1” with this at the moment I am currently working through the different kernals to match up the best one for me and this ROM. I will be posting some more information off and on through the evening the only downside for me personally is the fact that I was about to make a post for the Game Alchemy because I had just beaten it on my phone and some how today I ended up losing it so I have to start over on it.

Dead Rising Case Zero

(If you are looking for tips scroll to the bottom)

Do you like killing Zombies? Do you think duct tape will fix anything? Then this game is probably for you. Where else can you duct tape two chainsaws to a kayak paddle? How about no where! This has been a rather fun version of a Demo. I like how rather then just giving us a little taste of a level from the game they made a stand alone level that fills in the story line between Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2. I am hoping that in the future more companies will do this. The game play is entertaining but nothing super special but it is entertaining running around and killing all kinds of zombies. The shining light in the game is by far the combo weapons and makes me want Dead Rising 2 pretty bad. In this wonderful aspect of the game you combine two weapons to create a more powerful weapon that you get more PP for every time you use it and they also do considerably more damage. The combination’s that you can make in Case Zero are:
Kayak Paddle (located next to the first building) and Chainsaw (located in the hardware store)
Shotgun (located in Police station and hunting store) and Pitchfork (located in the hardware store)
Rake (located in the hardware store) and Battery (located on top of dumpster in last alley before quarantine zone)
Baseball Bat (located next to first maintenance bench) and Nails (located next to first maintenance bench
Whiskey (located through out the level) and Newspaper (located through out the level)
Paint can ( located behind police station and Road Cone ( Located on streets)
Hard hat ( located on building roof) and Beer (located through out level)
Propane Tank (located through out level) and box of Nails (located through out level)
Power Drill (located through out level) and Bucket (located through out level)

These are all of the fun little combos you can throw together in this short little level. Getting all of the achievements in this one is pretty fun my personal favorite is the killing 1000 zombies for that one I just ran around with the paddle saw and the boom-stick and tore them apart I also used the cart that you end up getting from the quarantine zone to rack up a pretty decent amount of dead zombies in a short time. For the $5 dollars I think this is a good investment if you want to just have a little fun and relax while killing stuff. If you don’t stress about the time since you only have up to 14 hours in the town it can be pretty fun exploring and destroying.

Okay since I am seeing a lot of people looking for the Kayak paddle in the game I will give a quick explanation of the location. When you first come out of the safe house into the main street area you will see across the street there is a small grassy area with a few trees. One side is the edge of the map and the other is the first building in the town walk to the first wall of that building and head towards the fence and you should see the paddle on the ground.

If you are having a hard time getting on the roof or into the upper hotel areas a quick tip is to jump a little bit before you think you should. so just climb up onto the dumpsters run and jump you will figure out the timing it took me a little while so try and try again.

One Piece

I have been on vacation so I have had a little extra time lately so I started to watch “One Piece” which has turned out to be pretty good so far and has made me want to get into “Bleach” again but it is a daunting task since there are so many episodes to catch up on. I have to say I miss Iraq for the ability to dedicate entire days to watching random ass TV shows and movies. It makes it really easy to watch an entire series when you have at least 8 hours a day to do nothing but watch the show and take smoke breaks. But back to “One Piece” it is a pretty good show and has some entertaining characters in it I had forgotten how good Anime is for actually creating a story line and good characters in that line. I wish that cartoons in America could get a little better. I think the animations in our cartoons is very good and artistically we have amazing shows but the stories of them tend to suck.

FROYO (Android 2.2)

Well I have the Motorola Droid and I was getting tired of waiting for them to push the OTA download to upgrade to the new firmware of Android 2.2. So obviously I went on the internet and downloaded it and forced the manual upgrade to the wonders of the Froyo. So far it has been working very nicely for me granted I didn’t run many apps on my phone to start with so I didn’t have to deal with the fact that then a few of them do not work with the new updates and cause force closes constantly. The new features that I have enjoyed the most so far are the fact that there are now 5 home screens so there is plenty of room for any and all widgets and shortcuts that you might want, the ability to move some apps over to the SD card to free up space on the phone, I uninstalled my task manager after updating and am very pleased with the extended battery life and the fact that 2.2 does very well with closing down programs that are not being used or at least relocating memory. During this process I also took the time to go through my phone more thoroughly and delete caches and programs that I do not use and over all the phone seems about 3 times as fast occasionally when returning to the main home screen there will be a little bit of lag but nothing that is intolerable. So overall I am more than pleased with the release of 2.2 at least for me I know there are a lot of people out there that are having problems both the rooted and non rooted have been experiencing various issues with the upgrade and that sucks but it is to be expected to a certain amount when there are so many people expecting so much and utilizing one thing in so many different ways. Hopefully all of the issues are worked out quickly and I have a feeling they will judging from the fact that so many people are willing to work on alert Google to the issues that are being dealt with.

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

This was an unexpected movie had I not been at a drive in I probably would not have seen this movie for a long time if at all. I had heard a couple of the ads for it but it didn’t really catch my attention. It was the first movie playing on the screen so I sat through it. I was glad that I did the entire movie was very teenage boy or at least that’s how it seemed to me. It included everything a guy might ask for. The humor in it was more or less instant but it was still gratifying and the fight scenes were rather funny and made me nostalgic for old school fighting games. The music in the movie was pretty good or at least I thought so and honestly the whole movie just made me smile. I am not 100% sure why maybe its because I know people like that or the fact that I am working on becoming a geek but it made me laugh and was a pretty good waste of a couple of hours.