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Droid 3

Disclaimer: If you end up breaking your phone doing anything that you might have seen or heard about here sorry but I take no responsibility all of the information here is provided just for knowledge.

Well it’s been a little over a week now that I have had the Droid 3 and so far I am more than happy with it. It is an amazing phone and personally I can’t find anything wrong with it that won’t be fixed in a few months with an update or root. Speaking of root there is one hell of a good quest going on for it and as of right now I personally am floating between Phandroid boards, Droid Forum boards, and XDA looking at everything I can to try and help/find a possible way to root. If any Devs out there happen upon this feel free to message me if you have an idea and need someone to try it out. I figure since I am taking the time to babble on this much with everything I might as well make a condensed list off all the different things that I have tried and also found out on the phone so far.

1. Gingerbreak Does Not work
2. Super One Click 1.9.1 Does Not work
3. GingerSnap does not provide SU privileges but sometimes it does complete and say root has been achieved
4. There are two bloatware that can be uninstalled they are “Let’s Golf 2” and “Nova” this will reinstall after a factory reset. I can’t remember where but on one of the boards was the link to the file that showed how it would check for them and reinstall them

Now for all the button mashing goodness to access different menus and options

While powering up:
5. Hold X & the power button = Recovery
6. Holding Volume up, volume down, & Power = Boot mode Selection Menu (0A.33)
Vol up selects, vol down scrolls
Available boot modes:
*Normal Powerup
*AP Fastboot
*BF SBF Flash
*BP only
*AP BP USB bypass
*BP Tools
7.Holding the up arrow & power =
Fastboot Flash mode
*Battery OK
*OK to program
*Connect USB
*Data Cable
8.Holding Volume Down & power = AP Fastboot
9.Holding the OK button & power =
Safe mode: if you open the keyboard and hold the OK button when turning on the device. Keep holding the OK button until the system is almost done booting up, and the device will vibrate it will also have “Safe Mode” in the lower left of the screen.
10. Holding Right navigation arrow (on keyboard) & powering on = RP SBF Flash Mode.
11. Up Navigation Arrow & powering on = RP Fastboot Flash Mode
12. M & powering on = Same menu as VOLUME UP and DOWN.
13. B & powering on = Vendor flash mode.
14. F & Powering on = Fastboot flash mode.

This is what I have collected or found out myself so far. I know I have most likely learned some of this from some of the other people on the forums but honestly I can’t remember who so if any of this stuff is yours thank you for helping work on this with everyone and let me know if you want your name on here anywhere. Also if you come across anything that you would like to see included or think should be included in this rambling list let me know and I will add it. I will most likely be updating this every few days as I continue to play and browse the forums.

Today I was browsing the forums and as pretty much anyone that is looking around knows there was a leaked Chinese SBF. (DO NOT FLASH IT WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE) here is another link to download it at:
Leaked SBF

In case anyone wants to look around in the files off of the D3 here is everything that I could pull off while I was in a medicated semi-comma so there might be a few missing here and there but its what I have at the moment:

I pulled the boot animation file out off of the Droid 3 just to get a look at it since I was working on boot animations for the OG Droid and I was surprised to find that with the D3 it actually comes with instructions in the DESC file so here they are:

# 540 wide, 960 tall 15 frames per second
540 960 15
# p means we’re defining a part
# first number is repeat count, 0 means infinite
# second number is delay in frames before performing the next part
# so if you are playing 15 frames a second 15 would be… one second
# string defines the directory to load files from
# files will be loaded in order but names don’t matter
# s defines a sound for a part
# sounds will be loaded from /system/media
# oggs with loop points will loop automatically
# only one sound will play at a time
# timing is driven by the part, not the sounds
# if you want no sound, leave blank
# droid
p 1 7 01_droid
s Droid.ogg
# eye
p 1 0 02_eye
# eyeloop
p 0 0 03_eyeloop

Well I have been playing around a little more with the phone and since there is so much talk going on right now about the possibility of finding an exploit using the /preinstall I pulled the script for it from /system/bin/

export PATH=/system/bin:$PATH
umask 003
for file in `ls $PRELOAD_APP_DIR`; do
echo “$file: comparing $PRELOAD_HASH_DIR/$file.md5 and $DATA_HASH_DIR/$file.md5”
echo “$file: comparing $PRELOAD_HASH_DIR/$file.md5 and $DATA_HASH_DIR/$file.md5” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
newMD5=`cat $PRELOAD_HASH_DIR/$file.md5`
oldMD5=`cat $DATA_HASH_DIR/$file.md5`
if [ “$newMD5” != “$oldMD5” ]; then
isInstalled=`pm path $file`
if [ -n “$isInstalled” -o ! -e “$DATA_HASH_DIR/$file.md5” ]; then
pm install -r $PRELOAD_APP_DIR/$file
if [ $ret -ne 0 ]; then
echo “$file: install failed, error: $ret”
echo “$file: install failed, error: $ret” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
echo “$file: install successful, copying $file.md5 to $DATA_HASH_DIR”
echo “$file: install successful, copying $file.md5 to $DATA_HASH_DIR” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
echo “$file: user has uninstalled, dont reinstall. copying $file.md5 to $DATA_HASH_DIR”
echo “$file: user has uninstalled, dont reinstall. copying $file.md5 to $DATA_HASH_DIR” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
echo “$file: install skipped, file unchanged”
echo “$file: install skipped, file unchanged” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
echo “preinstall finished, setting $PRELOAD_DONE_PROP to 1”
echo “preinstall finished, setting $PRELOAD_DONE_PROP to 1” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
readback=`getprop $PRELOAD_DONE_PROP`
while [ “$readback” != “1” -a $retries -gt 0 ]
echo ” property readback failed! expected 1, got $readback. retries left $retries…”
echo ” property readback failed! expected 1, got $readback. retries left $retries…” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE
sleep 2
readback=`getprop $PRELOAD_DONE_PROP`
echo “preinstall exiting…”
echo “preinstall exiting…” >> $PRELOAD_LOG_FILE


Moto Droid Recovery Issue

So one of my coworkers and I have been playing with our Droids a lot in the past few weeks and we have run into an issue more than once. The phone is functioning overall but maybe there is a few little glitches or the kernal we are running isn’t getting along so we go to reboot it and whats this it does a boot loop for a few tries and then loads up like nothing happened. This goes on for a while and then maybe if we are lucky it will finally end up booting into recovery. Well after some research it seems that there is a small issue with Rom manager from time to time that involves this. If you go into Rom Manager Flash Alternate Recovery wait until it is done and then Flash ClockworkMod Recovery you can select Reboot into Recovery and she works like a charm. I have tested this twice on my phone and once on his and it seems to fix it each time, so if your phone will boot but not into recovery and you really need it too there is how.

Android page

I just created a new page that consolidates all of the files that I am currently creating and will be creating for the Android operating system feel free to stop by look and download or request anything that you are interested in. I am hoping to start making a lot more of not only boot animations but also live wallpapers so feel free to ask.

Droid Boot Animation

Today has been a busy day for me. I have spent pretty much the entire day playing with my phone so to make up for the lacking of giving attention I decided to create a boot animation that my wife might like. She asked for something to do with hello kitty so I just took a few images and put them together I know that it isn’t very good at the moment but over the next little while I am going to keep working on it and other ones so feel free to request any that you might be interested to see or get a hold of and I will see if I can make them.
Here is a video of it that was very poorly made by me way to late at night and before I adjusted the frame rate on it.

Here is the actual file if you might be interested.

Droid Vs. iPhone

I am getting really tired of this argument and the fact that people have 1000 what ifs. Granted this is only my opinion and has no basis in the real world just in my little corner but look at everything the way it is. iPhone at&t only so that sucks for the iphone. iphone touch screen only another suck for the iphone. Now I am not going to say that the iphone sucks overall it is rather nice and compared to non smart phones it is amazing and compared to a lot of the lesser smart phones it is amazing but when compared side by side to a Moto Droid it doesn’t seem that good. Yes the apps are overall better because they are more controlled and checked by the App store but then again they don’t cover nearly the same spectrum of stuff that you can get on the marketplace. There are many poorly designed apps for droids and it forces people to look harder and be pickier which sucks for Droid but you can also find damn near anything you could want on it. Now wait for a minute think about all the hate speechs that are about to come from all the iphone users out there and just hold on breath deep and tell me if it is such an amazing phone and apple is so great why is it anytime an argument comes up of which is better and who can watch what or go where or do whatever on their phones there is almost always a statement of if I jailbroke that would be easy or well since I jail broke it I can do this. Guess what once you jail break your shit its not an iphone the way it was made. thats like saying a 1990 toyota MR2 with a v10 out of a Lambo is just an MR2 sure it kind of is but its not the way it was made so why do you get graded like it was. Take two out of the box phones and compare stop arguing and complaining about retarded stuff like well I heard the Droid needs task killers to run yea so I heard you have to pinch the iphone 4 to make it call people. every phone is different every location is different and every person on the planet wants something different so stop arguing over it and move the hell on. They are both good phones but guess what next year there will be nicer ones, hell next month there will be nicer ones. If you want a better review from me on these phones feel free to send me one of each and I will run extensive scientific tests on them both and which ever one comes out on top i will let you know. But until I get free phones in the mail I will keep rocking the droid enjoying its abilities to text, make phone calls, and remind me of shit. (thats all i really need it for)

FROYO (Android 2.2)

Well I have the Motorola Droid and I was getting tired of waiting for them to push the OTA download to upgrade to the new firmware of Android 2.2. So obviously I went on the internet and downloaded it and forced the manual upgrade to the wonders of the Froyo. So far it has been working very nicely for me granted I didn’t run many apps on my phone to start with so I didn’t have to deal with the fact that then a few of them do not work with the new updates and cause force closes constantly. The new features that I have enjoyed the most so far are the fact that there are now 5 home screens so there is plenty of room for any and all widgets and shortcuts that you might want, the ability to move some apps over to the SD card to free up space on the phone, I uninstalled my task manager after updating and am very pleased with the extended battery life and the fact that 2.2 does very well with closing down programs that are not being used or at least relocating memory. During this process I also took the time to go through my phone more thoroughly and delete caches and programs that I do not use and over all the phone seems about 3 times as fast occasionally when returning to the main home screen there will be a little bit of lag but nothing that is intolerable. So overall I am more than pleased with the release of 2.2 at least for me I know there are a lot of people out there that are having problems both the rooted and non rooted have been experiencing various issues with the upgrade and that sucks but it is to be expected to a certain amount when there are so many people expecting so much and utilizing one thing in so many different ways. Hopefully all of the issues are worked out quickly and I have a feeling they will judging from the fact that so many people are willing to work on alert Google to the issues that are being dealt with.