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17 Day Diet

Well after getting out of the Marine Corps I might have gained a little weight (40 pounds or so) so it finally became time to start a diet and try and get myself back in shape to some extent now that I am in the normal world. I decided to try out the 17 day diet with some help from my wife and am going to be updating as time goes on with my daily weights (done in the morning) and my overall happiness or anger with the program.

I am currently only on day 3 so not a whole lot has been going on other than being hungry and a little grumpy. I might even try and quit smoking while I am doing this but we will see.

Day 1 weight: 220.4
Day 2 weight: 219.2
Day 3 weight: 218.2
Day 4 weight: 214.6 (Cheated a little bit today since we went to the beach and I ended up having subway)
Day 5 weight: 215.2 (Apparently my cheating yesterday hurt me a little bit. On a gross side note I have yet to go #2 since starting this diet)
Day 6 weight: 214.8
Day 7 weight: 214.6
Day 8 weight: 215.8 (Cheated and had pizza the night before)
Day 9 weight: 212.8