Dead Rising 2 Help

I will be updating this as I keep playing the game and collecting different information at the moment there are two achievements that have been messing with people that I know. One of them is the creating all the drinks in the blenders to do this you need to make one of each type so here is a list of one or two ways to accomplish this I will finish up creating a more in depth version later.

Orange juice + Orange juice = Nectar (Spawns 1 queen attracts other queens)
Vodka + Vodka = Pain Killer (Take 1/2 damage for 1 minute)
Beer + Beer = Pain Killer (Take 1/2 damage for 1 minute)
Chili + Chili = Energizer (Cannot be injured for 10 seconds)
Milk + Jelly Beans = Quick Step (Increase speed)
Beer + Cooking Oil = Randomizer (Chuck gets sick)
Chili + Ketchup = Repulse (Zombies won’t attack)
Ketchup + Ketchup = Spit Fire (Can spit fire for 1 minute)
Bacon + Bacon = Untouchable (Cannot be grabbed but still takes damage)
Chili + Jelly Beans = Zombait (Zombies are attracted)

All mixed drinks also provide a full health restore.
Another achievment people are having a hard time with is giving Katie all the presents. There are 11 and most have more than one location they can be found.

Robot bear
Bag of marbles
Beach ball
Stick pony
Giant stuffed donkey
Giant stuffed elephant
Giant stuffed bull
Water gun
Giant stuffed rabbit
Tiger (feed it steak to tame it can only be captured on the first day)
Funny painting (obtained on the mission “Art Appreciation”)

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