Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

This was an unexpected movie had I not been at a drive in I probably would not have seen this movie for a long time if at all. I had heard a couple of the ads for it but it didn’t really catch my attention. It was the first movie playing on the screen so I sat through it. I was glad that I did the entire movie was very teenage boy or at least that’s how it seemed to me. It included everything a guy might ask for. The humor in it was more or less instant but it was still gratifying and the fight scenes were rather funny and made me nostalgic for old school fighting games. The music in the movie was pretty good or at least I thought so and honestly the whole movie just made me smile. I am not 100% sure why maybe its because I know people like that or the fact that I am working on becoming a geek but it made me laugh and was a pretty good waste of a couple of hours.

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