Okay so this is just a random post of me babbling on about things that have been annoying the shit out of me lately. My main thing is the fact that people are rather annoying about discussing things but they have no actual knowledge on the subject being discussed or any ability to defend their point. Another issue I have been having is the fact that people manipulate statistics to provide whatever they want. This has been coming up a lot lately with the different things going on with the military. The whole Don’t ask don’t tell thing is getting super annoying. Guess what is it really so hard to just ask the people in the military what they think about the situation? I am all for freedom of speech but some random ass person that dislikes the concept of the military has no place trying to mandate what is acceptable or not in the military. I am just really tired of people that have done nothing in their life thinking that they get to tell other people what to do or deal with just because this is America.

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