One Piece

I have been on vacation so I have had a little extra time lately so I started to watch “One Piece” which has turned out to be pretty good so far and has made me want to get into “Bleach” again but it is a daunting task since there are so many episodes to catch up on. I have to say I miss Iraq for the ability to dedicate entire days to watching random ass TV shows and movies. It makes it really easy to watch an entire series when you have at least 8 hours a day to do nothing but watch the show and take smoke breaks. But back to “One Piece” it is a pretty good show and has some entertaining characters in it I had forgotten how good Anime is for actually creating a story line and good characters in that line. I wish that cartoons in America could get a little better. I think the animations in our cartoons is very good and artistically we have amazing shows but the stories of them tend to suck.

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