Well America I am sad inside for what we have become. I am not saying that the country is in anyway wrong or bad but we need to really deal with the issues that we have. We are a country built purely on the drive for personal freedom. Built on the backs of the brave and the bodies of the unlucky. We have until recently fought for what we felt was right whether it made sense or not. We took what we wanted and needed and we worked so hard as individuals it made it easy for the country to prosper and become a super power. What are we now? We have some how turned into a country hated by pretty much everyone for being a bully but when ever someone needs something who do they call and ask for help? Hmm it seems that it is us. How are we a super power if we can’t even take care of ourselves? What has happened to the individuals drive to work hard and prosper? Why is it now a requirement to have a degree that makes us “to good” to do honest work? For some reason I feel ashamed knowing that if the people from past generations saw us they would laugh and kick our ass. As a Marine you are held to a higher standard one that you have to hold up because of what the people before us have gone through and accomplished. What the fuck has happened to that aspect of the world. If the Marines from WWII came across us now they would kick our asses for being spoiled and lazy. Hell if the Spanish showed up on our shores they would make use their bitches. Why do we think we are so amazing and good now? Do we feel bad about the things we have done? Do we pity other people because we have it better? If we keep thinking like this pretty soon someone will take it from us. I am pretty sure if those poor little Ethiopians that need our help so bad had a boat and some small pox infested blankets they wouldn’t think twice about taking every square inch of our country. What the hell is wrong with us lets look at ourselves and stop being the little whiny kids that we have become. Let’s remember where we have come from and how we got where we are.

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