People Who Suck at Their Jobs!

Well I had been doing pretty good with my outlook on humanity. That is until I did one of the things that I enjoy the most and that is work on my car. It has been a long time and it is and was in need of more than a little love and fixing. The main issue that I have come across so far in this process is the fact that the passenger window broke about 6 months ago so I just rolled it up all the way and then proceeded to use two tape wedges to make sure it didn’t come down. Well after doing some research I found out that most likely it was just the guides for the window cables which I found out was pretty common on my year and model. I followed this up with a little research on the process of taking the door apart and then also replacing and putting everything back. No big deal looks straight forward nice and easy. Hell the cost of the kit to fix it from the dealership wasnt even that bad. This was looking up and I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. I should have paid more attention to the things people say and remember things better. I get the door apart and start to look at everything as I am getting it completely separated. Hmmm it seems to be coming apart a little easier than it probably should be but whatever no big deal that is until I get it completely apart and realize that the reason my window stopped working is because someone at some time decided that they needed to fix what I was about to but in their epic awesomeness they ghetto rigged the hell out of it and also destroyed more than they could have possibly fixed. So time to start calling parts stores since the gears for the window motor are completely destroyed and seem to be covered in what I can guess is a combination of superglue grease and melted plastic. Well after calling around I finally found a reasonably priced part but I have to wait for almost a week but as it turns out that is as fast as any of the parts stores could get it to me so whatever no big deal I will just put the new guides back in and put everything together minus the inner door lining and the motor nice and simple right? That is until it finally dawns on me after about 4 1/2 hours of finagling with the cables and guides and every little adjustment and change I could. Those jackasses at the VW dealership couldn’t figure out that a GTI is different than a four door Golf. Holy shit batman the people that are trying to sell me on a car can’t even tell the difference when they are looking at a fucking computer that spells it out. “You see how you pick the year and then it asks you which model it is? Yea you see Golf now right under that is Golf GTI pick the one I fucking told you. Oh you need to know the engine for my car for the window guides okay I have a 1.8t it is the AWD engine code. No it is not a turbo diesel it is the 20v 1.8L turbo gas engine that VW has been putting in cars for a long ass time now. Yes Yes I did see that horrible thing that you people are now trying to sell as an R line car. No I don’t give a shit about it right now order the right goddamn part.” Okay now that I look back I should have known that 1st LT DipShit would be completely unable to order the right part. So after about 40 minutes of measuring and using basic logic I have constructed one fully functional set of guides and everything short of the motor that has no teeth left on its gears. No big deal though they already ordered the part. “Fuck he asked me if it was a Diesel too.”

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