Android page

I just created a new page that consolidates all of the files that I am currently creating and will be creating for the Android operating system feel free to stop by look and download or request anything that you are interested in. I am hoping to start making a lot more of not only boot animations but also live wallpapers so feel free to ask.


Droid Boot Animation

Today has been a busy day for me. I have spent pretty much the entire day playing with my phone so to make up for the lacking of giving attention I decided to create a boot animation that my wife might like. She asked for something to do with hello kitty so I just took a few images and put them together I know that it isn’t very good at the moment but over the next little while I am going to keep working on it and other ones so feel free to request any that you might be interested to see or get a hold of and I will see if I can make them.
Here is a video of it that was very poorly made by me way to late at night and before I adjusted the frame rate on it.

Here is the actual file if you might be interested.

Android is Amazing

If you have read any of the other Android related posts I have made you would know that I have a Motorola Droid and have been loving it since I got it and was super excited about the FROYO Android 2.2 update when it came out. Well in current technology news in my world I finally caved and rooted my phone so I can run different kernals to try and make my phone as happy as possible and run as fast as possible. At least that is how today started I have spent the better part of the last 12 hours playing with my phone the rooting process I utilized took me less than 30 minutes I would thank all of the people that were involved in the posts I used but there were just way to many so I am going to say thank you to Androidforums for all the help everyone there is awesome. They all do an outstanding job of writing up walk-throughs and explaining the process that you are trying to go through. After I was done with the actual rooting I started just playing with little things using the original FROYO it worked extremely well for me when I was running a “chevyno1” 1.0Ghz LV kernal the phone was considerably more responsive and extremely fun to use and play with. This quickly led me to starting to look in the marketplace for things to help me play with and customize my phone even more which led me to trying out some different boot screen animations which quickly led me to running a different ROM I also went with “chevyno1” with this at the moment I am currently working through the different kernals to match up the best one for me and this ROM. I will be posting some more information off and on through the evening the only downside for me personally is the fact that I was about to make a post for the Game Alchemy because I had just beaten it on my phone and some how today I ended up losing it so I have to start over on it.

Droid Vs. iPhone

I am getting really tired of this argument and the fact that people have 1000 what ifs. Granted this is only my opinion and has no basis in the real world just in my little corner but look at everything the way it is. iPhone at&t only so that sucks for the iphone. iphone touch screen only another suck for the iphone. Now I am not going to say that the iphone sucks overall it is rather nice and compared to non smart phones it is amazing and compared to a lot of the lesser smart phones it is amazing but when compared side by side to a Moto Droid it doesn’t seem that good. Yes the apps are overall better because they are more controlled and checked by the App store but then again they don’t cover nearly the same spectrum of stuff that you can get on the marketplace. There are many poorly designed apps for droids and it forces people to look harder and be pickier which sucks for Droid but you can also find damn near anything you could want on it. Now wait for a minute think about all the hate speechs that are about to come from all the iphone users out there and just hold on breath deep and tell me if it is such an amazing phone and apple is so great why is it anytime an argument comes up of which is better and who can watch what or go where or do whatever on their phones there is almost always a statement of if I jailbroke that would be easy or well since I jail broke it I can do this. Guess what once you jail break your shit its not an iphone the way it was made. thats like saying a 1990 toyota MR2 with a v10 out of a Lambo is just an MR2 sure it kind of is but its not the way it was made so why do you get graded like it was. Take two out of the box phones and compare stop arguing and complaining about retarded stuff like well I heard the Droid needs task killers to run yea so I heard you have to pinch the iphone 4 to make it call people. every phone is different every location is different and every person on the planet wants something different so stop arguing over it and move the hell on. They are both good phones but guess what next year there will be nicer ones, hell next month there will be nicer ones. If you want a better review from me on these phones feel free to send me one of each and I will run extensive scientific tests on them both and which ever one comes out on top i will let you know. But until I get free phones in the mail I will keep rocking the droid enjoying its abilities to text, make phone calls, and remind me of shit. (thats all i really need it for)


So over this long weekend something kind of sank in. I have almost no connection to holidays other then the fact that it is time off work. I am not sure when this happened but thinking about it I can’t even come up with a reason to connect the holidays to the actual reason the actual reason that we have them. This is mostly because of the fact that over time they have been manipulated and moved around so much that now they are just a shell of what the should be. The dates have moved the names have changed or we aren’t allowed to call it one thing because of another but in reality the true meanings of the holidays are all gone. Christmas time isn’t remotely about Christmas anymore it is just a chunk of time that people get off from school and work and exchange presents. Even if you aren’t religious you should remember that Christmas is about joy and family and celebrating. Maybe people should remember that everyday should be celebrated because you are around to see it. Every thing is a present waking up should be its own holiday fuck everyone else or their reasons for whatever just embrace what you have.

Pancake bagels

For the past few days I have been eating bagels most mornings so while smoking I had a stroke of genius, pancake bagels. In my mind this was a bagel that is made with pancake mix and god was I right. I took basic pancake mix and baked it in two little pot pie pans. mixing syrup in as it baked. On the downside all the syrup sank to the bottom so next time i need to make sure to make the mix a little thicker and to wait a little longer before adding it in but I think this might be one of the greatest inventions of all time. I will post up some pictures later but for right now I am going to enjoy my fat kid food.

Dead Rising Case Zero

(If you are looking for tips scroll to the bottom)

Do you like killing Zombies? Do you think duct tape will fix anything? Then this game is probably for you. Where else can you duct tape two chainsaws to a kayak paddle? How about no where! This has been a rather fun version of a Demo. I like how rather then just giving us a little taste of a level from the game they made a stand alone level that fills in the story line between Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2. I am hoping that in the future more companies will do this. The game play is entertaining but nothing super special but it is entertaining running around and killing all kinds of zombies. The shining light in the game is by far the combo weapons and makes me want Dead Rising 2 pretty bad. In this wonderful aspect of the game you combine two weapons to create a more powerful weapon that you get more PP for every time you use it and they also do considerably more damage. The combination’s that you can make in Case Zero are:
Kayak Paddle (located next to the first building) and Chainsaw (located in the hardware store)
Shotgun (located in Police station and hunting store) and Pitchfork (located in the hardware store)
Rake (located in the hardware store) and Battery (located on top of dumpster in last alley before quarantine zone)
Baseball Bat (located next to first maintenance bench) and Nails (located next to first maintenance bench
Whiskey (located through out the level) and Newspaper (located through out the level)
Paint can ( located behind police station and Road Cone ( Located on streets)
Hard hat ( located on building roof) and Beer (located through out level)
Propane Tank (located through out level) and box of Nails (located through out level)
Power Drill (located through out level) and Bucket (located through out level)

These are all of the fun little combos you can throw together in this short little level. Getting all of the achievements in this one is pretty fun my personal favorite is the killing 1000 zombies for that one I just ran around with the paddle saw and the boom-stick and tore them apart I also used the cart that you end up getting from the quarantine zone to rack up a pretty decent amount of dead zombies in a short time. For the $5 dollars I think this is a good investment if you want to just have a little fun and relax while killing stuff. If you don’t stress about the time since you only have up to 14 hours in the town it can be pretty fun exploring and destroying.

Okay since I am seeing a lot of people looking for the Kayak paddle in the game I will give a quick explanation of the location. When you first come out of the safe house into the main street area you will see across the street there is a small grassy area with a few trees. One side is the edge of the map and the other is the first building in the town walk to the first wall of that building and head towards the fence and you should see the paddle on the ground.

If you are having a hard time getting on the roof or into the upper hotel areas a quick tip is to jump a little bit before you think you should. so just climb up onto the dumpsters run and jump you will figure out the timing it took me a little while so try and try again.