Moto Droid Recovery Issue

So one of my coworkers and I have been playing with our Droids a lot in the past few weeks and we have run into an issue more than once. The phone is functioning overall but maybe there is a few little glitches or the kernal we are running isn’t getting along so we go to reboot it and whats this it does a boot loop for a few tries and then loads up like nothing happened. This goes on for a while and then maybe if we are lucky it will finally end up booting into recovery. Well after some research it seems that there is a small issue with Rom manager from time to time that involves this. If you go into Rom Manager Flash Alternate Recovery wait until it is done and then Flash ClockworkMod Recovery you can select Reboot into Recovery and she works like a charm. I have tested this twice on my phone and once on his and it seems to fix it each time, so if your phone will boot but not into recovery and you really need it too there is how.

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