So over this long weekend something kind of sank in. I have almost no connection to holidays other then the fact that it is time off work. I am not sure when this happened but thinking about it I can’t even come up with a reason to connect the holidays to the actual reason the actual reason that we have them. This is mostly because of the fact that over time they have been manipulated and moved around so much that now they are just a shell of what the should be. The dates have moved the names have changed or we aren’t allowed to call it one thing because of another but in reality the true meanings of the holidays are all gone. Christmas time isn’t remotely about Christmas anymore it is just a chunk of time that people get off from school and work and exchange presents. Even if you aren’t religious you should remember that Christmas is about joy and family and celebrating. Maybe people should remember that everyday should be celebrated because you are around to see it. Every thing is a present waking up should be its own holiday fuck everyone else or their reasons for whatever just embrace what you have.

    • Jayne
    • October 10th, 2010

    I so agree. Be please that you have a job when so many are without.

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