Holy WTF Little Tan Man

How the hell do people that can’t even tie their own shoes get put in charge of multiple people. In what alternate universe does it make sense to punish the people that are working and to make it as hard as possible to accomplish work by constantly taking them away from it to yell at them and waste what time they could be accomplishing work in. How does it even remotely make sense to have one person watching 15 and yet the only person anyone checks in with not only doesn’t care what they are doing but isn’t even listened to when they are passing word. Lets just assume that some how it makes sense to punish the people who are holding all the power and skills for a second. Now that we are in Charlie Detachment land lets look at small unit leadership. Just for shits and giggles I decided to Google this one I was hoping for something useful right at top but as it turns out there are a metric ton of books for sale on the topic so yea that idea got messed up lets move on to Wikipedia, holy balls never mind there are a lot of entries. Okay after a little searching this is the best I could find “NCOs run the fight no matter how much you get on the radio. Sit back and listen to them. You might just learn something from them. When you think you need a SSgt. to do the job, grab a Cpl. or Sgt. and he will do it better and faster. ” Now I would agree 100% with this statement there is nothing in the world a respected NCO can’t get their Marines to do but guess what when you take any power that NCO has from them and then make everyone stand in a meat box for an hour listening to the highest ranking individual harp on small unit leadership while all of the Staff and Officers are just showing up it demoralizes and destroys anything that could have been accomplished that day. We get it we all do stupid shit that we can get in trouble for and eventually someone will get caught it happens we are all used to it it is all stupid but guess what if you micro manage to the point that every few days you have a hair cut inspection guess what the true mission will be missed and no one will be able to actually perform tasks that push them because guess what in 20 minutes we are going to go get inspected to make sure the tread on the bottom of our boots isn’t to worn or maybe today we will hold 3 formations that each take an hour when one 15 minute one would suffice. Oh I’m sorry that might involve people showing up on time. What do you mean its no big deal that your running 45 minutes late the people that you depend on to actually accomplish shit have been standing in the sun for over an hour now because everyone has to put their 2 cents in. Sweet its finally Friday lets go get another small unit leadership brief then a safety brief from company, then platoon, then Fire-team how about this Devils “Don’t do stupid shit! If you choose to do stupid shit and I find out you messed up. I will do what I can to keep it from ending your career but you will pay. If you don’t think its a good idea or hesitate its a bad idea do it if you think the Pro’s out weigh the Con’s but know odds are you will be caught and guess what you aren’t that special you will be punished. You are all adults I am supposed to trust you with my life so I will trust you with not fucking up this weekend see what happens if you break that trust!”.

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