Screw Green lets go Red

So one of my personal hatreds in this world is the fact that people are always talking about something that is the new fad. One of my least favorite things that this can involve is the environment. I really get tired of people freaking out now because we (Humans) are destroying the planet. Guess what people we are the largest form of a virus and we are killing our host. Holy snufflufogus we pollute the air water and ground guess what its bound to happen with this many people. I understand people want to slow down the pollution of the world and to save everyone’s life because what if it was your Mother, Father, Sister, or Loved one. Well guess what it sucks but people die and sometimes large quantities of them need to die. How is it anyone’s fault that you live in a filthy place with rickety buildings and then they fall over from an earthquake guess what you lose. Sure go ahead and build all those houses below sea level it will be fine we got this kid with his finger blocking the flow of water, You Fail. Stuff dies it happens maybe we need to let the world sort us out for a little bit. If you do something stupid and you are going to die from it maybe its the worlds way of saying don’t be stupid. What ever happened to lawn darts oh yeah we had to get rid of them because kids were getting hurt trying to catch them. Those are the people we want running the world they were smart enough to try and catch the 5 pound pointy metal thing as it fell we should put them in charge of something expensive. I am not saying everyone should die but we could thin the herd a lot and guess what I bet the overall temperature of the planet would drop a good bit use basic logic if you put 10 people in a room the temperature in that room goes up a little bit now what happens when you cram 100 people in that same room it goes up a lot more. Maybe we have finally filled the room and need to evict some people.

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