Here is my final it is just me discussing what I would tell my friend if they were thinking about opening a t-shirt business.

  1. Hi Rob,
    Yay! One more class done at CCV! 🙂 You made a good points in your final about using an email address that is dedicated to the hypothetical business and getting the name of the company and out on the web as much as possible. Best wishes for the coming year.
    Amy B

    • I know that feeling one more class and yet another semester done. It feels great, the summer semester seems a lot harder than the rest though. Thank you for noticing the email thing it is a personal pet peeve I have about companies having unrelated email accounts.

  2. Hi Rob,
    Great final project!!! I really liked your explanation of tagging pictures…and the importance of doing so. You did a really nice job. I have to agree…social networking sites are really important…and crucial…especially when tying to create a real “buzz” about a new business.

    Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!


    • Thank you very much it was a tough choice for me to end up going with a recording I had started to make a visual project but work ended up stealing all my time. Best of luck to yourself too

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