Guy review of Letters From Juliet

Letters From Juliet was what you expect from a stereotypical “chick flick” it consisted of the woman who’s life seems to be going perfect work and romance wise only to find out that the random guy she meets that offends her at first is her true soul mate and the man she was with before is turned into a slight villain so it is okay that she leaves him for someone brand new. Letters From Juliet is very extreme on its level of love and dedication to each other and in a weird way makes itself almost to emotional. The story consists of a woman travels with her fiance on a pre-honeymoon. She goes and sees the balcony where Juliet stood and finds out that people from all over the world come and leave letters on the wall asking Juliet for help. It turns out that there is a small group of women who call themselves the secretaries of Juliet who respond to all of the letters that they can. This American woman ends up responding to one that she found from 50 years ago. This ends up sparking a search by the woman she wrote the letter to, too search for her long lost love. It then follows the woman, her grandson and they American girl around as they are searching for the long lost love. Guess what she falls in love with the grandson and ends up with him at the end. I want to get more into detail but I pretty much spaced out for most of this time frame luckily I was at the drive in so it wasn’t to hard to find distractions. The movie wasn’t bad but it was like so many others. It could work as a date movie but I personally would recommend it for a third or fourth date at least not a first.

I give it 1 1/2 snuggles.

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