Guy review of Eclipse

Last night I had the wonderful pleasure of watching two movies at the drive in one was the newest addition to the Twilight series “Eclipse” and also “Letters to Juilet”. In this review I will be covering the basic guy perspective of “Eclipse”.  Eclipse was a pretty good movie overall and as a date movie it was nice there was enough romance and love in it that the emotional one in the couple will enjoy it plus lets be honest most the time the other half or yourself has seen the other twilights or read the books. There is a decent amount of action that keeps and holds your attention and there has been a lot of work on the story that makes mister Edward Cullin not as annoying and slightly less gay. Team Jacob also represents not being a douche bag. Out of the other movies I personally think this was the best one so far it provided a nice fight scene towards the end that made it tolarable and honestly you get to see a bunch of giant dogs and you also get some back story on the members of Edwards family. Jasper is pretty cool you also learn some more information about the messed up little views of shape-shifters and vampires that exists in the twilight realm. It is a tolerable date movie and provides 3 1/2 snuggles out of 5.

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