Why the hell is it alright for someone to walk up to me while I am smoking and talk to me about how bad it is. It isn’t socially acceptable to remind people that drinking alcohol is just giving yourself poisoning with alcohol. I don’t get to tell people that eating fatty foods is dangerous too. Yes smoking increases your chance for cancer we get it only a stupid person would think that inhaling smoke would be good for you or not do anything.  Cancer is cancer it is always there and can show up at anytime whether you smoke or not so maybe people should stop stressing so much. I do not disagree with not smoking in hotel rooms or in restaurants or inside buildings I understand the concepts behind this all but guess what not letting people smoke on a beach because it interferes with other people’s rights is infringing on smokers’ rights but oh wait in the eyes of non smokers smoker’s are second class citizens just like people at protests always get mad when they are told that they are wrong and should leave guess what it’s your right to protest it is their right to tell you to shut up. People love the rights that we have as long as they are not used against them and guess what just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that other people shouldn’t be able to do it. I wish that people in this country would realize what they really have we try so hard to save the rest of the world because we think we owe it to them and then people protest saying that what we are doing is wrong guess what people in third world countries don’t care they hardly acknowledge our presence and there are countless reasons for this. The reasons that we go places shouldn’t matter if we go we go if not then we don’t. There is a legitimate reason to destroy any country just like people they all have their deep dark secrets. Every country and place on this planet is evil in its own way be it oppression genocide or doing things that can be deemed as wrong such as weapons that are not approved or methods that are frowned upon. People need to stop concerning themselves with the whys of things and work more on how to actually fix the issues that we have here and how to make this country better.

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