I have been noticing something more and more recently and after this past week at work it has become clear to me. The current generations of United States males are entirely to emotional and have become some of the biggest “wimps” on the planet. When did it become okay for a full grown “man” of 21 to cry in front of other guys for no real good reason? I can understand crying in private or over something that is extremely emotional. I have seen many Marines cry and have cried myself over fallen friends or extremely emotional things. I can even understand the crying over a girl thing but how did it become okay to just act like a little bitch over stupid stuff. There is no reason to ever cry at work. There is no reason to cry about being yelled at. I might have a skewed view on this whole thing due to the fact that my peers in this world are all extremely Alpha males and honestly we tend to be complete an utter douche bags. But still crying like a little school girl because someone hurt your feelings is stupid in so many ways. Get mad get belligerent hell bottle it all up and freak out later but why show your weakness to someone who is obviously not caring and will just exploit it. Have we all become people that would rather be pitied then feared? Has it become more attractive to the girls to see you tear up because someone called you a bad name? What happened to standing up for ones self and caring about how you present yourself? No wonder other countries have no faith in us and we have stopped being a true super power and ride off of what we had done in the past. No one fears us. The founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew everything they had fought for had turned into a world with complicated hair cuts and skinny jeans. Luckily for us it wont be long before we are forced to either give up the things we love to much or actually fight for them.

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