Swap Meet Yo!

This morning we went down to the Kobey swap meet at the sports arena. It was a whole whopping 1 dollar to get in and it was actually pretty decent inside. If you enjoy knock off makeup and used clothes than this is the place for you. The crowds were pretty small today which was rather nice. They decided today that the bathrooms would only be inside the sports arena so it took us about 35 minutes to actually find them and then to finally get in there. This made the wonder of looking at previously owned and knock off everything like an adventure. One of the most entertaining things we found was the tent of video games and consoles dating back to the amazing calico vision all the way up to the Sony Dreamcast and sitting right on top of all the Xbox games was? If you guessed giant box of creepy pre-owned porn you guessed correctly. The wonderful gems you can find while looking at the swap meet never cease to amaze me but the true beauty is in the people you get to see. Today was pretty tame since there werent that many people out there but there was one that stuck out like a sore thumb a 6′ 6” blond “woman” wearing pink Uggs and what would have appeared to be a little peasent skirt thing made for a normal sized girl. Her companion was obviously a short grumpy little old guy that was showing off his super hot date at the swap meet. On a side note we are going to be hitting up the Cheesecake factory for dinner and as it turns out the underachievers don’t accept reservations which just makes me want to kick them in the face and go to the outback. If we didn’t have other errands to run while we were at the mall they would have lost a customer tonight.

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