Well today has been a long day for me. Not because of the hours spent at work or doing errands or any of the other reasons, but because today I realized that I will have to go back to the civilian world where I don’t get to act or expect the same things out of people. It has been a long 4 years and some change that I have been in but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The people I have met and shared time with have changed me more than anyone else ever could have. I love all of them in a way I didn’t know was possible and they could call me up 40 years from now and I would give or do anything for them. Serving with the United States Marine Corps has taught me many things.

1. People as individuals aren’t bad but when grouped or around each other we are some of the most evil things I can imagine

2. True friendship is rarely encountered in normal life but when it comes along it will never leave you.

3. The people who say they tolerate the most or act in ways that would lead you to believe they are the most righteous people always seem to be the people that judge the most and are willing to hurt people because of a misconception.

4. Almost no one fights for a country as a whole we all just fight for that person to our left and our right and will do anything in our power to make sure they will have something to return to even if we don’t.

5. The only people that have any right to ever judge you never will because they have walked a mile in your shoes.

That’s enough serious talk because the way that I figured out I had to start changing the way I am came about in an odd fashion. Sitting in a room discussing the best method of breaking open the combination lock we had to cut off a container the two methods consisted of either trying to drill through the back plate or just beat it with a sledge hammer till we break it open. A  civilian contractor walked in and said well obviously you are going to drill it there is no way to beat it open. Three of us turned and replied in angry growls that the only way you couldn’t beat it open is if you were a little sissy girl. This made me realize that I will miss the days when a respectful greeting of the day can consist of a growl, grunt, errr, or kill. Plus I will have to figure out what to wear to work again.

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