Moto Droid

This is just a little post about my love for my new phone. I got the Motorola Droid about a month and a half ago and I am loving it. I think that when they release 2.2 for it and flash works on it out of the box then it will really be the best smart phone on the market now. This might be partially because I am biased because I have one or just because I have a lot of personal issues with how Apple does business. I really enjoy most of the features on the Droid and have yet to really find any major issues with the phone. For some reason I ended up with one that has a keyboard that is actually raised up so the major complaint by people doesn’t really apply to me. I am hoping that in the near future I will start to get my stuff together and start making some apps for it and playing with the fact that it is open source but at the moment I am just really enjoying the fact that my phone can function better than a lot of net-books and can still function as a phone well when I need it too. Well off to finish my other classes homework.

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