So it is about 10:30 here in San Diego Sunday June 13. Yesterday ended up being a lot of fun I ended up going to the Birch aquarium in La Jolla with my wife and we walked around and enjoyed the different animals and just being by the ocean for a while. It was nice and I will post up some pictures of it as soon as I go out to the car and grab the camera. Then we went to Red Robin and had some delicious burgers I ended up going with the patty melt which I enjoyed but I realized that the reason I wanted to try it was based purely off of a scene from “Dead like me”.  After the food we went for a stroll around the mall and enjoyed a nice relaxing smoke while window shopping. Once we got home we sat down and enjoyed some movie watching time while I worked on different projects for classes and just for myself. One word of warning “Meadowoods” is a horrible movie try and avoid it unless you want to just laugh. Leap year is a pretty good movie it is tolerable for a date movie. If anyone is into Xbox games the Magic the Gathering duals of the Planes Walker on the arcade is pretty good I am slowly working my way back up in that so if you are interested in playing that or Lost Planet 2 feel free to add me I am obstar85 on Xbox. Well I need to go start my day and go get my hairs cut.

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